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A Non-Dynamic Electron Beam Spread Device for electron accelerators developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuxi El Pont Radiat
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A Non-Dynamic Electron Beam Spread Device for electron accelerators has been developed under a cooperation of two research groups directed by Associate Professor Jiang HUANG from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Dr. Yuwei ZHANG from Wuxi El Pont Radiation Technology Co., Ltd Cooperation. The Device has won the highest award—a Gold Award with the Jury’s Special Praises (which can only be authorized with the Jury’s complete agreement) at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva( organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Swiss federal government.


Traditionally, the electrical accelerators in industrial use adopted the electromagnet scanning method to spread the electron bean, which has the following shortcomings: firstly, the inevitable "Tail sweep" phenomenon not only leads to a burn-through of the titanium film, but also uneven irradiation; secondly, it fails to meet the requirements of certain products with strict requirement on the irradiation dose and evenness.


Under the support of National Nature Science Foundation of China and some university-enterprise cooperation projects, the research groups of Professor Huang and Dr. Zhang originally designed and developed a scanning method by creating a multi-pole magnetic field with specially constructed permanent magnets which has perfectly addressed the inherent shortcomings of the conventional electromagnet scanning method and “revolutionized traditional electron beam spread device”.


This device has been successfully tested and operated in Wuxi El Pont Irradiation Cooperation in the past 3 years. It doesn’t consume electricity, and can achieve the even spread of electron beam on objects of a variety of sizes as demanded. Besides, it overcomes the overheating and burn-through of titanium film caused by traditional scanning method, thus decreased the fault rate in operation. According to the test by National Institute of Metrology of China, the radiation unevenness is ±2.9%, outperformed the national standard of ±5%. According to the test by the National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the irradiated products shows superior quality compared with the National UL758 standard.


As it can conveniently replace the existing electron beam spread device, it can be widely applied in the irradiation industry to meet various demands of energy and product size.  


With completely independent intellectual property rights, the core technologies associated with this device have been authorized with two international patents of invention and a dozen of Chinese patents of invention.


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